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the gay blades
Dude. Highs in the 70s for the NEXT FOUR DAYS. I'm going to run around town in my bathing suit and

Michigan, you have my love. Currently, at least.

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I'm so jealous! We're currently raining. Forever. Oh, and flooding, so I can never do laundry again because my basement is under water.
I can has sunshine?

That sucks!!

I've always felt left out because I don't have a basement, but then my friends tell me basement-flood-horror-stories and I feel better.

Hello, sorry to trample on your misery. I do sympathize. And I spelled that word wrong. Sorry, my sheer happiness is shining through in the form of incessant babbling.

Haha, trust me. Not only does mine flood, I'm 90% sure Aragog (the giant spider? From Harry Potter? Idk if you're a fan or not. Regardless, he's like 10 ft tall.) lives in the corner of my basement and watches me do laundry.

Don't even worry. I'm just jello over here in my cloudy gross weather, but I'm very happy its nice out over there!

Isn't it great that a thing as simple as warm weather can make you happy? Love it.

AGHH I am so afraid of spiders.

Yes, I love how simple little things can totally brighten your day. :)

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